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Resources to Build your Blog using Next.js and

Pranav Birajdar

Pranav Birajdar

March 19, 2021

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I recently finished building my blog using Next.js, TypeScript, Tailwind and CMS.

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This was my first time learning and using:

  • TypeScript (I decided not to get swept up in tutorial hell and instead went through some documentation before diving headfirst and allowing the TS compiler to guide me)
  • getStaticPaths, getStaticProps, and Incremental Static Regeneration with NEXT.js
  • Using as a CMS to store my blog data and call it whenever needed using REST APIs.

I went through tons of resources and thought some of this might help you guys! So here's an exhaustive list of all the things I used or found useful for building my blog with NEXT.

Next.js Blog using as a CMS:

The API docs are fairly straightforward and very easy to get started with.

However, since this being my first time with SSG using getStaticPaths and getStaticProps, I needed some hand-holding there.

These articles and videos helped me a ton:

Next.js blog with an external CMS:

Next.js blog with local .md files:

Resources and Packages Used:

I am also planning to post all the TypeScript resources in a separate article, along with an article about my design choices, and how I was able to achieve a perfect lighthouse score!

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Hope you guys find these resources hopeful!

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